Molecular Biology and Genetics

Biotechnology BuildingThe Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics shares a leading role in research and teaching in modern biology at Cornell University. The department has 33 primary faculty and 4 joint or adjunct faculty, most are housed in the Biotechnology Building, a state-of-the-art facility with individual laboratories and core research facilities. Some MBG faculty are also members of the Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology and have their offices in the adjoining new Weill Hall.  Our faculty also play key roles in the Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics

The research and teaching interests of the faculty include fundamental, as well as medically relevant, problems in molecular biology, genetics, genomics, population genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, development, and macromolecular structure.Our faculty also have served key leadership roles in the New Life Sciences Initiative, which included the Cornell Genomics Initiative.

Awards & Promotions

2014 MBG Awards Summary

HenrySusan Henry received the Alice H. Cook
and Constance E. Cook Award

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February 2013

John LisKen January 2010
Lis & Kemphues elected to
American Academy of
Arts & Sciences.

(April 2013)

ThomasFox_1Tom Fox will receive the CALS
Edgerton Career Teaching Award
during the CALS Dean's reception
on Monday, April 22nd, 2013.

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Upcoming Seminars
MBG Friday Seminars
Regular seminars in Molecular Biology and Genetics are generally given at 4:00 PM on Fridays in G10 Biotechnology Building (large conference room) during the academic year. However, we have quite a few special seminars given on alternate days of the week, please check the date carefully. Seminars that are not held in G10 Biotechnology Building or are at a time other than 4:00 PM will be otherwise.

August 29, 2014
Speaker: Stephane Bentolila
Cornell University
Title: TBA
Host: Eric Alani

September 4, 2014
12:30pm - Biotech G10

Biology without Borders Event
Guest Speaker- Naomi Pierce
Harvard University
Title:  "The herbivore's dilemma:  never enough nitrogen"
Host: Entomology (Katja Poveda) and NBB (Tom Seeley)
Sponsored by:  Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Entomology, Molecular Biology & Genetics,
Natural Resources, Neurobiology & Behavior, Vice Provost for Research

September 12, 2014
Chun Han
Cornell University
Weill Institute or Cell & Molecular Biology
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Title:  "TBA"
Host:  Kelly Liu

September 19, 2014
Ilya Finkelstein
Institute for Cellular & Molecular Biology
University of Texas at Austin
Title:  "TBA"
Host: Eric Alani

September 26, 2014
Harold Erickson
Duke University
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Structural Biology and Biophysics
Title:  "TBA"
Host:  Tony Bretscher


MBG Friday Seminar (2014-15) Calendar


MBG Postdoc Seminar Series 2013-14

Seminar are now every fortnight (approximately), occurring on Thursdays at 4PM in Biotechnology Room G-01(Small Conference Room) and will run throughout the year.
Hosts & co-organizers are:  Andy Clark, Andrew Grimson and Mariana Wolfner

SEMINARS TBA (To Be Announced)

Calendar for Upcoming Postdoc Seminars

for BMCB Monday graduate student seminars
for GG&D Wednesday graduate student seminars
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