Enzyme research unlocks gateway for new medicines

Chris Fromm and BagdeChris Fromm and Bagde

CALS Early Achievement Award - Marcos Simoes-Costa

Marcos Simoes-Costa and Eric AlaniMarcos Simoes-Costa and Eric Alani

Former GGD student Cvic Innocent was named as a 2022 Woman in Optics by the International society for optics and photonics.

Innocent CassandravictoriaInnocent Cassandravictoria

Advanced microscopy shines light on new CRISPR-Cas system

A cryo-electron microscopy image of TnsC filamentsA cryo-electron microscopy image of TnsC filaments

Cedric Feschotte publishes a study that reveals possible new coronavirus entry points in Cell Reports

Cedric FeschotteCedric Feschotte

E. coli bacteria offer path to improving photosynthesis


RNA analysis at heart of COVID-19 testing

Pleiss LabPleiss Lab

Congratulations to Maureen Hanson - Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Maureen HansonMaureen Hanson

Maureen Hanson is elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Maureen HansonMaureen Hanson

Jun "Kelly" Liu Recipient of the 2021 Robert A. and Donna B. Paul Academic Advising Award

Kelly LiuKelly Liu

Congratulations to Irma Fernandez - Recipient of the 2021 Graduate Diversity & Inclusion Exemplary Service Awards for Advanced Career Students

Irma FernandezIrma Fernandez

Emr wins $1.2M Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine

Scott EmrScott Emr

Pew scholar builds on gene-editing technology

Liz KelloggLiz Kellogg

Mann award winner unveils evolution, rules of gene expression

Julius JuddJulius Judd
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