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LPS Awards

LPS Award Winners:

2017 Nithya Kartha and Laura Thomas

2016 Caroline Sartain and Kirk Donovan

2015 Julia Goodrich and Jon Paczkowski

2014 Chenxi Tian-Tian and Hojoong Kwak

2013 Andrew Modzelewski and Patrice Ohouo

2012 Caroline Satain and Steven Petesch

2011 Chelsea Brideau and Damien Garbett

2010 Nirav Amin and Ying Zhang

2009 Ji Li and Leighton Core

2008 Miltos Kininis and Xin Li

2007 Julie Heck and Baoying Huang

2006 Yuang Jiang and Kristin Burns

2005 Liru You and Xiaochun Fan

2004 Tina Demlow and Eric Hwang

2003 Scott Saracco and Joo Seop Park

2002 Sarah Broadley and Mi Young Kim

2001 Tak Hung and Hong-Wei Yin

2000 Oliver Lung



















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