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MBG Peers and Allies

Faculty Spotlight

Linda K. Nicholson: Structural biologist who investigates relationships between protien dynamics and function. She currently serves as the MBG DEI Chair.

Mariana Frederica Wolfner: Her research focuses on understanding, at the molecular/gene level, the important reproductive processes that occur around the time when a sperm fertlizes an egg. She currently serves as the MBG Building Community Faculty Chair.

Sylvia Lee: Her lab investigates the molecular basis of aging and age-dependent pathologies. She currenlty serves as the chair of MBG DEI Improving Recruitment Committee.

Chris Fromme: Understanding how the molecular structures of proteins enact decisions in the cell is at the heart of his lab's research. Chris currently serves as the chair of MBG DEI Committee.

Eric Alani: Hi research focuses understanding highly conserved MMR systems, which recognize and repair DNA mismatches that arise as the result of DNA replication errors and act in meiotic pro-crossover roles.