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Kelly Liu

Kelly Liu is a recipient of the 2015 Carpenter Award

Mar 26, 2015

Kelly Liu is a recipient of this year's Carpenter Award, one of the highest recognitions given by Cornell University for advising.

Julia Goodrich

Julia Goodrich-Ley Lab wins award

Mar 11, 2015

Julia Goodrich of the Ley lab has been awarded the 2015 Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Awardees by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Marcus Smolka

DNA safeguard may be key in cancer treatment

Mar 5, 2015

Cornell researchers have developed a new technique to understand the actions of key proteins required for cancer cells to proliferate. This could help guide the development of drugs currently in clinical trials.

Angela Douglas receives 2014 CALS Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Research

2014 CALS Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Research

Nov 10, 2014

Angela Douglas received the 2014 CALS Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Research.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Sex proteins may help fight mosquito-borne diseases

Jun 20, 2014

Better understanding of mosquito seminal fluid proteins – transferred from males to females during mating – may hold keys to controlling the Asian tiger mosquito, which transmits deadly diseases.

Western Diet Intake

Chronic intake of Western diet kills mice

Jun 18, 2014

A Cornell study offers clues to a little known area of research: how Western diets, which have driven an epidemic of obesity and metabolic syndrome, increase mortality in humans.

2014 MBG Awards Summary

May 20, 2014

Faculty and staff were honored at the Department of Molecular Biology's 2013-14 Awards Ceremony on May 20, 2014.