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Michael Goldberg

Michael Goldberg


425 Biotechnology Building
(607) 254-4802

Research Focus

The research in my laboratory is directed toward an increase ion our understanding of the molecular mechanisms ensuring accurate chromosome segregation and other chromosome behaviors. These issues are of considerable potential importance to human health because mistakes in chromosome segregation are implicated in the genesis of many inherited syndromes and of cancer. Our analysis of these mutants should continue to uncover new genes that play important conserved roles in apportioning chromosomes and other chromosomal behaviors during cell division, but that could not be found in other ways.

Teaching Focus

My major focus in teaching is undergraduate instruction in genetics. I have taught Introductory Genetics (BioGD281) for many years, and am an author of the textbook used in this course and in many universities around the world. For the last several years, I have been the instructor of BioGD282 (Human Genetics). I also play a role in the instruction of graduate students, particularly in introducing them to resources on the Internet that are useful for research in genetics and molecular biology.