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Administrative & Building Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Beyea-Powers, Lori Administrative Assistant for Andy Clark 607-255-0533
Dayton, Andrea Lab Attendant - Fly Kitchen 607-255-2440
Ervay, Cathy Accounting Supervisor 607-254-4824
Gillow, Pam Facilities Coordinator 607-254-4817
Glezen, Alexis Accounting 607-255-3706
Miojevic, Romano Tech Services 607-255-4733
Moore, Casey Graduate Field Assistant 607-255-2100
Olson, Joan Chair's Assistant 607-255-2317
Potter, Holly Administrative Assistant for Jim Blankenship 607-255-1982
Robbins, Jonn Lab Attendant - Dish Washing 607-254-4806
Robinson, Jennifer Senior Director of Administration 607-255-2427
Rogers, Lisa Grants 607-254-6410
Schiffer, Jade Building Coordinator
Shaff, Vicki Graduate Field Assistant 607-255-2313
Sparling, Steven Facilities Manager 607-254-4583