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Volker Vogt

Volker Vogt


358 Biotech
(607) 255-2443

BS Chemistry, CalTech, 1964 PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 1971

Research Focus

We study the assembly of retroviruses, using primarily Rous sarcoma virus, the prototypic avian retrovirus, as a model system. We also study some of the proteins involved in HIV assembly.

Teaching Focus

I teach the upper division course BIOMG 4320 (Survey of Cell Biology), a spring course which enrolls about 70 students, mostly undergraduate juniors and seniors with a sprinkling of PhD students. This is a 3-credit course (42 lecture hours/semester; two evening prelims plus a final exam, biweekly quizzes in class, and two 1000 word papers. In addition, I teach a 1-credit course on reading research papers in cell biology, BIOMG 4330, which is intended to go with the lecture course, and which is taken by about 12 students. These two courses together are assigned 2 TAs. The lecture course is required for the Molecular and Cell program of study and the Biochemistry program of study in the Biology major.