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Every day, the research carried out by MBG faculty drives scientific innovation and advancement  at Cornell University. MBG faculty members are energetic, well funded, and highly collaborative, and they have been recognized for their research, teaching, and advising contributions with numerous prestigious awards and honors.

In their labs, they use exciting approaches to study the mechanisms that underlie inheritance, development, mutation, genome and cell organization, disease penetrance, gene regulation, population structure, and evolution. Leading-edge lab technologies include nanobiotechnology, massively-parallel sequencing coupled with genomic and proteomic analyses, computational approaches, and structural and advanced imaging techniques.

The research interests of the faculty include both fundamental and medically relevant problems in several broad research areas:

  • Gene regulation and chromosome integrity
  • Comparative genomics and population and evolutionary genetics
  • Functional organization of eukaryotic cells and cell signaling
  • Biochemistry, structural biology, and biophysics
  • Developmental biology

 Faculty Labs