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Pictures from Aquadro Lab

Heather at SMBE Fitch Symposium in Kyoto Japan 2011
Pumpkin 1
Aquadro Lab pumpkin carving contest October 2009
Pumpkin 2
Dave Chip
Blast from the past: David Begun and Chip circa 1993

People in the lab

Nadia at the fly scope
John Pool
John Pool's Defence Party
Nathan looking serious at the gel doc
Vanessa at her desk
Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen defence party
More celebration with Dr. Pool


Bag-of-marbles mutant ovary image using confocal microscope
Research 2
Ovary with D. melanogaster Bag-of-marblestransgene rescuing mutant phenotype shown left. These images are from Heather Flores' research

Fun outside the lab

Nadia and Vanessa (with friend Annie) running at Greek Peak Resort
Nadia and Vanessa (with friend Annie) running at Greak Peak Resort
Chip and friends
Chip and friends getting ready to ride around Cayuga lake
Trail running team
Vanessa and Nadia with the rest of the trial running team Mighty Isis
Chip meeting
Chip meeting up with lab alumni Ana and James Signorovitch in Cambridge 
Dinner with lab alumni Marta Pascual and Cinta Pegueroles in Barcalona