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Kohler (1998) and Hanson and Kohler (2001) supplementary information

In vivo imaging of subcellular structures in plant cells

The images and movies shown below supplement the following review articles:
Köhler, R.H. 1998. GFP for in vivo imaging of subcellular structures in plant cells. Trends in Plant Science3:317-320
Hanson, M.R. and R.H. Köhler. 2001. GFP imaging: methodology and application to investigate cellular compartmentation in plants. J Exp Bot., 52(356):529-39.

QuickTime movies can be downloaded by clicking on a link. Free movie players for different types of computers can be found at Images are taken with a BioRad MRC-600 confocal laser scanning microscope with a K1/K2 filter set. For color images, red chlorophyll autofluorescence and green GFP fluorescence were collected in separate channels, imported into Confocal Assistant, NIH-Image or Adobe Photoshop and merged. The green and red color are pseudo-colors that resemble the fluorescence that is observable by epifluorescence microscopy.

1. Chloroplast stromule movie

Tobacco mesophyll cell expressing GFP targeted to the chloroplast stroma. Tubules extending from the chloroplast surface are visible. Scale bar = 10 µm. Dynamic movements of chloroplast tubules are visible in a Quicktime movie made from a time-lapse series. Images were taken at 5 sec. intervals. The movie runs at 20 times normal speed.

2. Mitochondria movies

Tobacco suspension cell expressing GFP targeted to mitochondria. Projection of 58 images taken at 1 µm intervals along the optical z-axis through a complete cell. Scale bar = 10 µm.

3. Guard cells of a transgenic tobacco plant expressing GFP targeted to mitochondria.

Projection of 40 images taken at 0.2 µm intervals along the optical z-axis. Scale bar = 10 µm. Chloroplasts show red chlorophyll autofluorescence and mitochondria green GFP fluorescence.

To see other examples of GFP localized within plants and plant cells, see the web site produced by the lab of Jim Haseloff at the University of Cambridge (

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