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Kohler and Hanson (2000) supplementary information

Journal of Cell Science

The images and movies shown here are a supplement of the article:
Köhler R.H and M.R. Hanson. 2000. Plastid tubules of higher plants are tissue-specific and developmentally regulated. J. Cell Sci., 113(1):81-89.

QuickTime movies can be downloaded by clicking on a link. Free movie players for different types of computers can be found at Images are taken with a BioRad MRC-600 confocal laser scanning microscope with a K1/K2 filter set. Suspension cells do not exhibit any autofluorescence under the imaging conditions used. Fluorescence of GFP targeted to the soluble compartment (stroma) of tobacco plastids is shown in white.

1. Movement of stromules in suspension cells

Tobacco suspension cell expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) targeted to the plastid stroma. Long tubular stromules, for stroma filled tubules, are visible. Scale bars are 10 µm. Dynamic movements of stromules are visible in a Quicktime movie made from a time-lapse series. 50 images were taken at 5 second intervals. The movies run at 20 times normal speed.

2. Rotating 3-D reconstructions and z-stacks

3-dimensional imaging of tobacco suspension cells expressing GFP localized to the plastid stroma. Scale bars are 10 µm.
Browse through an image stack of confocal laser scanning microscopic images that were taken at intervals along the optical z-axis or view a rotating 3-D reconstruction of whole cells.

This work was supported by the Energy Biosciences Program of the Department of Energy and by the USDA National Research Initiative, Growth and Development Program