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Participating Mentors

Twenty-four faculty from three different graduate fields, BMCB (Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology), GGD (Genetics, Genomics and Development) or Biophysics participate in the MBG-REU program.

Eric E. Alani (BMCB, GGD): signaling in DNA mismatch repair

Daniel Barbash (BMCB, GGD):  speciation, molecular evolution, and development

William J. Brown (BMCB): lipid signaling mechanisms that regulate secretory cargo export from the Golgi complex

Gerald W. Feigenson (BMCB, Biophysics): bilayer phase domains of the plasma membrane that influence events on both the outer and inner membrane leaflets

Cedric Feschotte (BMCB, GGD): mobile genetic elements, such as transposons and endogenous viruses, in the genomes of vertebrates, including humans

Martha Field: mechanisms that underlie physiological outcomes associated with perturbed one-carbon metabolism

Chris Fromme (BMCB, Biophysics): regulation of Golgi trafficking, with a focus on signaling GTPases

Maria J. Garcia-Garcia (BMCB, GGD): signaling pathways in early mammalian embryogenesis

Michael L. Goldberg (BMCB, GGD): regulation of phosphatases during cell cycle transitions and during contraction/relaxation of smooth muscles

Andrew Grimson (BMCB, GGD): signaling in post-transcriptional regulation

Maureen R. Hanson (BMCB, GGD): cell biology and genetics of plant organelles

Fenghua Hu (BMCB, GGD): cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration

Toshi Kawate (BMCB, Biophysics): structures and mechanisms of membrane proteins that drive extracellular ATP mediated signaling

Ailong Ke (BMCB, Biophysics): structural basis of CRISPRs and the cas operon in an RNA-based adaptive immune system

Amnon Koren (BMCB, GGD): regulation of DNA replication timing

Hojoong Kwak (BMCB): regulation of gene expression and the genomics of single cells

Siu Sylvia Lee (BMCB, GGD): genetic and epigenetic determinants of stress response and longevity in C. elegans

Hening Lin (BMCB): roles of protein post-translational modifications in cell signaling and metabolism

Jun "Kelly" Liu (BMCB, GGD): bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling and mesoderm development in C. elegans

John Schimenti (BMCB, GGD): DNA damage signaling in mammalian development

Marcos Simoes-Costa (BMCB, GGD): gene regulatory networks in neural crest differentiation

Paul Soloway (BMCB, GGD): cis-acting mechanisms that govern epigenetic modification

Volker M. Vogt (BMCB): assembly of retroviruses like HIV, with a focus on the membrane binding of the structural protein, Gag

Robert Weiss (BMCB, GGD): regulation of genomic integrity

Mariana Wolfner (BMCB, GGD): signaling of reproductive proteins in post-mating changes and the initiation of embryogenesis